New year. New beginning.

New beginnings. Clean pages. Blank slates. Blue sky thinking* Clean sandy beaches**

So full of possibility and optimism and hope - aren’t they?

I just love them. I’m a resolution maker (and sometimes keeper) and love the space that a break gives me to really think about what it is I want to do, achieve, and how best to do it.

Reflecting on what makes me happy helps me do more of it, and over the last year I’ve just loved how much fun I’ve had spending almost all of my work time writing, researching (ie, reading) and delving into data.

So, this year I’ve resolved to do more of what I love and what I love most of all is words. They have power and beauty - used wisely, they do so much. They show us stories of who we could be, who others have been, they paint possibilities and I’m delighted to see amazing events like this Words Weekend taking shape - it’s in my diary already!

Words can help your business, charity or organisation too.

Summing up who you are, what you’re for and who you help is a great way to start being able to share that message and help the people who need you, find you.

Or, perhaps, you need to showcase what you’ve done - increasingly funders are asking for evaluations of funded work before they will consider refunding.

You might need someone to proofread a funding bid, or you might want to get going with social media. You might want to blog regularly on your website, to talk about the work you do.

You might not have the time…

We can help get to the essence of what you’re doing or have done, and can present that in the way the people you want to talk to will hear best. By focusing on the words alone, we can think differently about your organisation. And if you’re doing good in the world, we’d love to help you shout about it.

*Does anyone still say that? We love blue sky either which way! This was the sky over the New Forest, January 1st 2019. Isn’t it gorgeous?

** Picture taken near Highcliffe January 1st 2019 - if you carved it, I’ll credit you!