92 Minutes believes in the power of people to do great thing. We support and promote great organisations doing good things to let you get on with what you do best.

Marketing, especially digital, is our key focus, and we can also help with operations, report or application writing, and business strategy.


We've worked with businesses, charities and social enterprises, across comedy, education, entrepreneurship, music, retail, and STEM

Shall we talk?

Connecting you to your customers and clients

Whether you need a marketing strategy or new website, someone to live tweet an event, or a website overhaul or just want to get your organisation set up on social, we can help.

We won't hard sell to, or about, you. We'll build relationships with your clients and customers that will last and last.

We know and love small organisations and can build this all from scratch for you, and then run it, or train you and hand it back.

Let's work out what you want to do

Sometimes you're so caught up in doing, you forget why you're doing it. And then find yourself doing something else, by accident.

What is it that you *really* want to achieve? All great work starts with a why - why are you doing it, and why would anyone else care?

We can help you find and articulate your why, and help you turn that into a practical, easy to deliver, plan

Let's get to work

Ordering, invoicing, policies, procedures, how to manage staff absence, expenses claims, timesheets, data protection - not the most exciting stuff in the world but critical foundations for any organisation.

We have started, built, run, advised and revised businesses. We can review existing processes, advise on improvements, and even deliver the work if you need an extra body.

We help you look at what you've got, what you need, and work with you to fill the gaps.

We believe in women

We have a special focus on working with women. 

We believe wholeheartedly in women, their work, and their abilities. Our Director Becky ran Who Made Your Pants?, a social business which created jobs for women who were refugees, for seven years.

We understand the the issues affecting the women's sector, and the problems it and the organisations within it are facing. We can help with fundraising, efficiency, business development, service development and bring fresh eyes and sector knowledge to working with you.