Presentations in, tweets out - generating engagement by live tweeting a conference

On the 8th and 9th November this year, I had the genuine joy of providing social media cover for the WEConnect International Europe Conference

This two day event was held at the Hilton London Paddington - a stunning venue, complete with Paddington Bear - and was a blast from start to finish.

WEConnect International Europe exists to connect European women-owned business to corporates and multinationals who are looking for a diverse supply chain. It does’t give them any advantage, but it gets them through the door. Many corporates now have policies around diversity in supply-chain - some require at least one diverse or minority owned business in every tender - but for small business, these structures can feel impenetrable - and SMEs simply might not know about them.

The Conference included two Olympians - Claire Harvey and Heather Fisher - 160 matchmaking sessions, four breakout sessions, two generous swearers, one presentation about horses and all through it, I was taking in what the speakers had to say and turning it into tweets.

This is one of my favourite parts of 92 Minutes work. It’s fast, fizzy and busy. I learn a huge amount in a short time as I’m processing and summarising what the speakers are saying as they are saying it. It’s tiring work but exciting - I love it.

Over the two days, the WEConnect Europe twitter account sent 219 tweets (an average of 14.6 an hour, or one every 4.11 minutes) and generated 40,857 impressions with an engagement rate of 2.7%. In a world where a ‘good’ engagement rate is considered to be 1.5% this is pretty nice stuff!

Our most engaged with tweet was a picture of the room - and here it is

Looking forward to #WECIEurope 2019 already!